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 USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) 
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Principle Contractor: Raytheon Company IDS
Department: Navy
Total: $22,000,000

(9/19/2016): Raytheon Co., Integrated Defense Systems, Tewksbury, Massachusetts, is being awarded a $22,000,000 modification to previously awarded contract (N00024-10-C-5126) to exercise an option for engineering services in support of DDG 1000... >>>

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There are 47 publicly-reported U.S. defense contracts listed today totaling $2,515,729,667. This is Up 154% from yesterday (26 contracts totaling $987,087,046).

There have been 154 publicly-reported U.S. defense contracts announced this week totaling $7,968,477,226. This is Up 22% from Last Week (108 contracts totaling $6,520,430,072).

There have been 351 publicly-reported Defense Contracts listed this month totaling $20,965,218,646. This is Down 39% from last month (339 contracts in August totaling $34,926,480,005).

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Military-Industrial Complex is an unofficial phrase used to signify the relationship that can develop between government entities (namely defense) and defense-minded manufacturers...
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