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 Northrop MQ-8C Fire Scout UAS 
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Principle Contractor: Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation
Department: Navy
Total: $108,110,000

(9/9/2016): Northrop Grumman Systems Corp., San Diego, California, is being issued a $108,118,000 fixed-price, incentive firm target contract for the procurement of 10 Fire Scout MQ-8C unmanned air systems. Work will be performed in San Diego...

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There are 14 publicly-reported U.S. defense contracts listed today totaling $419,617,301. This is Down 79% from yesterday (10 contracts totaling $2,033,315,640).

There have been 53 publicly-reported U.S. defense contracts announced this week totaling $3,634,194,183. This is Down 27% from Last Week (86 contracts totaling $4,989,292,545).

There have been 89 publicly-reported Defense Contracts listed this month totaling $6,476,311,348. This is Down 81% from last month (339 contracts in August totaling $34,926,480,005).

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